Pinnacle Sports Road to 10 Million eSports bets

Pinnacle takes 5 Millionth eSports Bet

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London, 7th February 2017

eSports betting is now mainstream. The first eSports bet was taken by Pinnacle in 2010 and it was only last year that they passed the three millionth wager mark. Two million bets in less than six months demonstrates a growth curve no other betting market has ever matched.


Pinnacle Road to 5 Million eSports bets


In just over six years Pinnacle has nurtured the budding eSports betting industry into a significant market, bypassing Ice Hockey by bet count towards the end of 2016. It’s fitting that the five million wager mark was passed on such a significant milestone of the traditional sporting calendar and soon after being awarded the ‘ESports Operator of the Year’ Award by both EGR and SBC.

Pinnacle Sports Road to 10 Million eSports bets

Wagering is available across all major eSports including League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota2 and Hearthstone at Pinnacle’s eSports Hub. Games like Overwatch and FIFA are challenging every year but the big four simply adapt and thrive accordingly to create an ever growing and adapting wagering market. If the current trend line continues, Pinnacle will take its 10 Millionth bet on eSports sometime in January next year.

Pinnacle has also taken a lead in curbing match fixing in eSports betting and grasped the opportunity to bring safety, security and integrity to the market. This has helped create a more responsible platform for the eSports betting industry – a collaborative approach linking consumer and commercial needs in a way in which eSports fans can bet with peace of mind.

 Paris Smith Pinnacle Sports

Paris Smith, CEO of Pinnacle said:-

“When Pinnacle accepted the first ever bet on eSports in 2010 none of us knew if it would be a one hit wonder or could turn into something bigger. 5 million bets later, our expectations have been exceeded – I think it’s fair to say we’re at the forefront of the most exciting and fastest growing betting markets.”

Marco Blume, Pinnacle’s Trading Director said:-

“eSports are written in Pinnacle’s DNA and this landmark, 5 Million bets, certainly consolidates our leading position. Pinnacle has used its considerable skill in trading sports and successfully translated it to eSports. It’s now worldwide phenomenon and last weekend’s milestone just shows how popular eSports betting has become”

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